Waterproof your whole house – for good.

Moisture is one of the most insidious enemies of your home.  It can collect under you house, weakening the structure and producing mold and mildew, year after year. By the time you realize it, a preventable problem has often evolved into a disaster.


Homeowners can be unsure about where to turn for moisture help. Roofers, plumbers, guttering and sprinkler companies – all tend to use “quick fixes,” as residential moisture

is not their primary focus.


   “Guy is the only one who could solve the mystery of

    water in the basement. We had spent countless dollars

    on people and services that did not solve our problem.

    His approach is complete, professional and based on

    extensive knowledge of structures.”

                                                – Jane L., Angie’s List review

de Verges and Associates is different. Our moisture solutions are grounded in science – geology, hydrology and geography. Owner Guy de Verges holds a master’s degree in environmental engineering. A lifelong Tulsan, he is particularly focused on older, midtown homes. He has an intimate understanding of the midtown Tulsa landscape and can design a watertight,

lasting moisture solution for your home.


Our moisture services include:

• Basement moisture control

• Soil moisture management

• Masonry services

• Smarter guttering solutions

• French drains

• Inspections, testing, reporting

• Indoor air quality

• Monitoring and maintenance


While you can’t put a price tag on peace of mind, you’ll find our moisture solutions are very cost-effective. To schedule your consultation, call or email us today.

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