de Verges & Associates sells and installs

a unique, 5” pleated air filter product that dramatically improves air quality and energy efficiency. These special filters have very little back pressure, so the air flows through more easily. They are carefully secured

to ensure there are no gaps or whistling.


The end result is dramatically cleaner

air with dramatically improved HVAC efficiency – and thus, dramatically lower energy bills.


de Verges & Associates provides complete

air filtration service:


• Air quality testing

• Air leak detection

• Precise, well-sealed installation

• Air filter replacement program


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The best breath you can take.

What could be more important than breathing? Air quality has become a critical issue – and not just for those with allergies

or other health concerns. Everyone deserves to breathe the best possible air. You can’t control air quality everywhere, but you can control the air where you spend the most

time – in your own home and workplace.


For nearly two decades, de Verges & Associates has specialized in air

quality and moisture management. Owner Guy de Verges holds a bachelor’s degree

in geology and a master’s in environmental engineering. Home and business owners have come to rely on de Verges & Associates to ensure their spaces are free of organic growth, air irritants and moisture problems.


   “The price was quite fair considering the quality of work,

    thought and expertise that went into our project.”

                                                 – Bill C., Angie’s List review

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